Friday, 18 January 2013

Find My Heart

Following on from last weeks post my reading has continued. Gossip from the Forest (Sara Maitland) continues to educate me, although sometimes I think that this isn't a hard thing!

Take today, I had a huge 'doh!' moment when Maitland was discussing the unique connection of forests to European fairy tales. An obvious thing when you think about it; no children are likely to get lost in a forest in one of the 1001 nights. Who'd have thought......I can be so docile sometimes!!

Anyway, forests......

Soft mulch underfoot, an earthy smell,
Angel rays through branches filter.
Time to sit and breathe and think
Where leaves are troubles sanctuary.

From silence and the shadows,
If only we do wait.
Sprites and fairies come out and dance,
And in our dreams do play.

For here is where my heart is light,
Here is where it sings.
This is where my heart does lie,
In the forest, hidden.

Its funny how I set myself these little tasks, I intended to write a little story about a heart hidden in the forest. A place of sanctuary and protection, not danger and loss. But then that is not what comes out at all. A little idea to be filed away for another time maybe.

So what has your mind conjured?

Just because I love this song at the moment!

And a little food for thought, do you believe?


  1. Such beautiful imagery! You transported me!

    1. Good place to be transported to. Glad you liked it1

  2. My mind doesn't conjure nearly as well as yours. Fiction writing has always alluded me, and I applaud your gift.

    1. I am jealous as hell of your witty and journalistic writing, I have never been able to write the way you do!!

  3. "A place of sanctuary and protection, not danger and loss"

    I would love to read that story. File it away, by all means, but definitely pull it out and write it someday (soon?). I want to get lost in that place.

    And yes, of course I believe ;)

    1. My girls keep asking me if various things are real, and my stock answer...'you don't have to see something to believe in it'

      And I want to get lost in that place too ;-)

  4. Magical. (I so wish there were a fairy emoticon I could add here; a regular smiley face doesn't seem enough. Someone should really work on combining random punctuation and editing marks to make a fairy...Hmmmm...I'm putting that on my ever-growing list of ways to kill an hour or two.)

    1. :-O a fairy emoticon....that would be amazing. You will have to let me know if you work that one out!!


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