Friday, 20 January 2012

It's all in the heart

Today I had a rare afternoon just me and the hubby and it got me to thinking about love and the natural beauty of it.

In Lauren Kate's blog (  she has been focusing on 'a daily dash of romance' in the run up to her new book being available to buy (Fallen in Love) - I have to say I can't wait for it to be available in the UK. Any way, in her blog on Wednesday she was talking about favourite romantic paintings, I have been wracking my brain, and google, ever since to see what I can find but nothing is really striking that cord with me. I think this probably says more about my limited knowledge and complete inexperience more than anything else, but I always seem to get stuck on Monet. His paintings are so captivating and serene, but not much romance! It seems I am in need of a few trips to art museums to further educate myself!!

My afternoon, however, reminded me that romance and love are in the moment and sometimes it is just hard to capture this any where but in the heart. However that doesn't stop us from trying, providing some fantastic pieces of art, literary works and music... all the things I love in life!!!

I sit here and wonder why
While the world passes by
Finding it hard to understand
The reason we are hand in hand

When all around are busy as a bee
You are the only one I see
You are the one that completes my soul
Without you I wouldn't be whole

I still don't get it, it's lost on me
Why out of everyone you chose me
Am I your missing puzzle piece
It's what I wish for in my dreams.

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