Tuesday, 10 January 2012

How fast time flies!!

Well today we celebrated my youngest daughters 4th birthday. She is officially no longer my baby and we are on the short run to starting school now. Hop, skip and a jump to high school and beyond, wow that's a scary thought!

It makes me so proud to see the little lady she is turning into, although no matter how tall she grows, intellectual she becomes or wise she gets, I think in my heart she will always be my baby. The little 'jelly' that I carried inside me, the sister that my eldest asked Santa for! I remember the stomach ache she gave me every time she got hiccups and how she continued to get hiccups after she was born! She was such an easy baby to look after, never needing to be messed with just wanting to be left alone, I do hope this doesn't mean I am in for hell when she gets older?!?!?!?

There will be no more babies in this house hold so I guess it is time to sit back and enjoy my two girls as the grow in to women and try not to miss out on any moment as they are each precious in their own way!! I just hope when they are my age, hopefully with families of their own, that they look back on their childhood and have as many happy memories as I do; that they can look back and say 'I was dragged up reight' in the broad Lancashire accents they are growing into nicely. You are and always will be my greatest achievements!

So to my Baby, Happy 4th birthday my sweet, today you leave toddler hood behind you, good luck!

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