Thursday, 19 January 2012


Will I ever stop worrying about my girls?????

I think the short answer to this question is NO!!

There are the usual worries; will they do well at school, are they playing with the right friends, am I giving them the best experiences in life.....the list goes on!!!
Then they come home from school, nursery or which ever club they have been at with some kind of injury. Just today I have one home with a black eye after an altercation with a book and one home with a swollen finger after someone with a boney bottom sat on her hand?!?!?
This doesn't even start to cover the random weepy or clingy moods that spring up out of nowhere, with no explanation and you have to revert to when they were babies and psychically deduce what the hell is wrong with them.
I was seriously deluded when I had my first child and ridiculously thought that the newborn stage, sleepless nights etc, would be the hardest part then things would just get easier....Ha, how wrong could I have been! It just keeps getting harder and from what I understand from friends of ours the worries may change but it never goes away. In some respects it just gets harder as they try to get some independence from you. Oh yey, something to look forward to then :-S

Heart to heart chats will ensue tomorrow and I am sure the worrying will ease slightly for a while, until the next injury or heartache appears!!!

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