Sunday, 15 January 2012

Life, Dogs and Vampires

I was just sitting here wondering what to blog about. Should I find a poem to post, maybe talk about some of the characters that come and go from my pre sleep moments or maybe comment on the advice posted by Sally O'Reilly this last week (which has been great, just need to organise myself now!) -

Then I realised that my very surreal night was a very good talking point. I have been indulging my vampire obsession by catching up on series 2 of Vampire Diaries, thinking about the two dogs I had whilst I was growing up and how I can convince my husband that our family needs a dog. Sorry I do tend to combine some very strange things whilst multi tasking!!

Vampire Diaries; this has to be one of the most frustrating encounters in my recently discovered passion for reading. When the first series aired on TV I loved it and when I discovered it was based on the LJ Smith series of books I figured; books with vampires in was a winner. Unfortunately I seriously could not get into the books, they had changed so much in creating the screen version of Elena, Stefan and Damon that my poor little brain kept getting so confused. This has been the only series of books that I have abandoned, which isn't a good feeling, I don't like giving up on things. I guess the series will have to on to the to be read pile and I will revisit them once the TV hype has blown over!!! In the meant time, phwor Damon v Stefan, who would you go for???

On the other hand one of my friends has today welcomed a gorgeous puppy into their family and it has re-kindled all my longing to have a dog in the house. Whilst growing up there wasn't much time that there wasn't a dog in the house and since moving out into the world on my own I have missed that unconditional way dogs love you. They are always there to jump up and cuddle you, always there to protect you and mean you no longer have to talk to yourself, therefore avoiding the men in white coats! I don't remember much of Suzy, our first dog. She was a gorgeous border collie but sadly she had to go to a new home when my Father was ill, however I will always remember the welcome she gave when I got home from school. Sammy on the other hand I remember more clearly; our mad little cocker spaniel was the most loving little dog anyone could wish to have. I remember saving up to buy him and going to choose him, how could you not fall in love with a cute little puppy tucked away in the corner whilst the other little ones fed. The runt of the litter, the look of relief on the farmers face when I chose him and he fitted into our lives so effortlessly. It was a sad day when we had to help him on his way to a long sleep but I would not have changed a single moment of madness, he was such a loving companion. It is this feeling that I want to be able to offer my children, an experience that I don't think they should miss out on.

So to round up my night, a very strange mixture of reminiscing, indulgence and searching; all revolving around my life, dogs and vampires. Just another episode from the wonderland inside my mind!!!


  1. I'm looking forward to catching up on the series of vampire diaries - can't wait and not 100% sure about damon vs stefan as like them both. As for the books you just need to read them all one after the other and not think about the tv series - I loved them and could not put them down x

    1. I think I will try reading them all together when the tv series ends and then I can seperate the two :-)

      PS Thanks for my first comment!


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