Friday, 22 February 2013

A spot of Poetry to start the weekend - a post in three parts

Part 1

Working in a library can sometimes be a dangerous way to spend your days if you are a lover of books! There are just way to many distractions.

Inside one such distraction I found this, I hope it makes a smile dance across your lips as it did mine.

Graunt that no Hobgoblins fright me
No hungrie devils rise up and bite me
No Urchins, Elves, or drunkards Ghoasts
Shore me against against walles or posts
O graunt I may no black thing touch
Though many men I love to meet such
By John Day 1604 in Alan Garner - Collected Folk Tales

 Part 2

I have recently fallen in love with the work of Tyler Knott Gregson, one of my tumblr discoveries. He makes poetry seem so effortless, go check him out here. But just for your enjoyment here is one of his pieces as a taster!

You are the morning
and I have waited all night
for your dawn to break.

Part 3

A touch of poetry from my own pen:

Close my eyes
That's where you live
Sweet memories of maybe
Is all you could give

Faeries and goblins
May flood my mind
But they can't erase
The visions you left behind

Try as I might
To occupy brain and heart
These visions and memories
Still threaten to tear me apart

The aching that's left
Is hard to bear
While all the time
A facade of 'I don't care'

Image  credit see here

I'll leave you with this....

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