Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Tuesday with a twist

In an effort to drag myself kicking and screaming from the funk I find myself in at the moment I decided to indulge a little. I grabbed for a film that I haven't watched since before my babies were born...and then some ;-)

This film might not be the most intellectually challenging film but for sheer surreal imagination in the creations on set it's my favourite. It won my heart when I was younger and made it a little lighter this dismal February.

So instead of a tune this week there is a trailer for the film, just in case you have never seen it.

Oh and go on what would Tuesday be with out a tune?

As for my favourite character?? It is Hoggle all the way; the lovable little guy who is caught between his own cowardice and wanting to do the right thing.

Who is your favourite character?



  1. I LOVED this movie when I was a kid! It scared the pants off of me but I loved it anyways!

    1. And I thought I was the only one to be scared by it when I was a kid. I'm not a whimp :-) It's great to go back to it now!

  2. We still watch this every now and again - I remember it being on most Christmas' and I'm sure we watched it one xmas at my house Al x I'm sure on my favourite although I do have a soft spot for the cute worm with the blue hair!. i love the films from long ago we also watch Willow which is fab if you haven't watched it in a while x

    1. I love the blue worm too ;-) And Willow, wow that's a blast from the past. We need and old movie night!!!


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