Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Family Choice Tuesday Tunes

So in honor of the family trip to our nation's capital I have opened up this weeks Tuesday post to the clan.

Here are our songs that give you a little snippet of our trip.

The Husband's choice, not particularly original but it had to be included!

Munchkin Number 1's choice. British Museum for a little Egyptian spotting!

Munchkin Number 2 didn't choose this, but she wants to see where the Queen lives. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth I have taken the opportunity to include a slice of musical genius here!

Finally my choice, because we are on holiday after all. Ok so I have been busted for crow-barring in another of my favourite bands and I don't care (PS a little sweary at the beginning for those of a sensitive disposition!)

So the soundtrack to our break away. Hope you are having a good week, stay tuned on Thursday for the piccies ;-)


  1. I LOVE London! Oh, I'm so jealous! :-)

    Take lots of pictures for us!

    1. Pictures are up now ;-) Enjoy them without all the walking!!!

  2. I call that a perfect soundtrack!!

  3. Have a fabulous holiday! Can't wait for the pictures.
    (LOVE the Bangles!)

    1. We walked like an Egyptian all the way to the Egyptian exhibition at The British Museum ;-) It was fun!


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