Tuesday, 5 February 2013

My weekend in song.

I think I am just going to call Tuesday's 'Tuesday Tunes' given that I never feel particularly jokey or cheery on a Tuesday. Bah!

So today you get the soundtrack to my weekend, or at least the one that has been floating around in the mush of my mind!!

The weekend didn't start well!!

I kind of retreated into music for a while and found this acoustic version of a 30 Seconds to Mars song I love.

But is is funny how a well placed text or message from a friend can help so much and this song made me think of that friend...I only hope she knows how awesome she is and that I help her in some small way too!

So smiling we went off into the woods for a wander and had an amazing day.

So here is hoping that wasn't the end of the world I saw coming and just a little storm. Something a little chilly and rocky at the time but weathered all the same.

What song best describes you weekend or day?


  1. I loved this post! I've never thought of this...the soundtrack to a weekend. So classic, and I love that you walked us through your experiences. Kind of.

    Storms are lovely in their own ways. Sometimes a bit frightening, but weathering through just makes us stronger, eh? And when the rainbow comes out at the end? Mmm. That is always magical.

    My weekend was music-less. If I could dubmix sounds of boys playing, dishes clashing, vacuum running, water splashing, throw in a couple swear words...that would be close :)

    1. I have been wracking my brain trying to find an appropriate song for your weekend but I am struggling....leave it with me ;-)


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