Friday, 8 February 2013

Are you real?


"Yes honey?"

"Is Cinderella real?"

"Yes darling, if she is real to you she is real."

"I think I need to go to Florida just to make sure!"

"Oh! Why Florida?"

"Because that's where she lives of course!"

.....Silly Mummy, why didn't I know that!

Now I guess I could have gone into the history of fairy tales originating in folk lore and how folk lore probably started out as real events just passed through the generations and under going a 'Chinese whispers' kind of transformation. However I was torn between the 'how sweet' and 'I'm too tired for that conversation' reactions. So it looks like we will be going to Florida, probably on the pennies in her piggy bank!

But you know my brain can't leave a question like that hanging, it has to twist it in some way and tie its self in knots somehow!!

What makes something real?

Is a sound still a sound if no-one hears it? (Ok maybe I did watch a little Qi too.) Is it even a sound if it is only heard by one person, I mean they could report it and be lying.

Scientific discoveries require scrutiny and the more scrutiny they are subject to the more accepted the discovery becomes....the more 'real' it becomes. So on that score does something have to be scrutinised or verified through interaction to become real?

What of the words we write then? Yes sometimes we write about 'real life' other times pure fiction. Is the fiction any less real if it has been read by another? Is sharing the words with another all it takes to make them real? We write a blossoming love, is it so? We pen a passionate exchange, is someone living that fun?

I day dream sometimes of a place where our words come to life, the act of sharing wills them into existence. Maybe they have their own little worlds confined to the walls a writer creates, or maybe they wander among us.

But then sometimes that thought scares me. Somethings are only meant for the page, somethings are never intended for sharing, somethings need to remain not quite real!

All this got me to thinking of Cornelia Funke's Inkheart series. I love Inkheart, the rest of the trilogy is on my ginormous to-read list!! I never did get over the fact they only made the first book into a film. Plus it is a fantastic excuse to include a picture of the lovely Brendan Fraser!

And if a cute guy reading a book doesn't float your boat

Try that look, floppy hair and all...excuse me while I go melt somewhere!!

What / who would you read out of a book if you had the ability?


  1. I've never understood the question "is a sound still a sound if no one hears it?" To me, the answer is plain yes. The sound happens, and if someone would've been around it would've been heard. The fact that no one was there to hear it (or document it) does not mean it didn't happen. Because it did, factually.

    But I've been having similar thoughts lately. Thinking about dreams: is the life we live in dreams any less real than life in the physical world? Sure the life we dream ends in the morning and we never come away with tangible souvenirs, but, in dreams, doesn't a hug feel like a hug, and doesn't panic feel like panic, and don't we sometimes feel like we're choking or like we are in physical pain even though we're not? Don't we experience our dreams entirely? And doesn't that make it real, or at least to some extent?

    Anyway, that trip to Florida will or could be one of the most magical experiences of your daughter's life. I think it's great that you're going to take her there.

    I've looked up Inkheart and it does sound like something I would like to read. Thanks for giving me an addition to my ginormous To Read list!

    Brendan Fraser is a sight indeed.

    1. Hi Sabrina, Brendan Fraser is delicious! I heard a quote today (now can't remember who said it...doh!) It went something like 'If it is real to you then it is real' verified or not!! Thanks for joining the discussion!

  2. First of all, Disney World is every single bit as magical as you'd hope it would be. (And I'm convinced that there are addictive drugs in the funnel cakes. Yes. They're just that good.)

    But you raise some interesting questions here about reality and consciousness. My husband, a philosopher, always talks about how perception is personal reality without proof. You and I could look at the exact same piece of fruit and describe it in exactly the same terms and yet there is no way to actually proved that we are seeing the exact same thing entirely, or, for that matter, that another person would perceive it in the same way. If it is real to us, then it is real, because we perceive it to be so.

    1. I did Disney Land when I was 8 and Universal Studios and yes they are among some of my more magical memories.

      I think I would enjoy conversations in your house ;-) perception is the key, I like it!!

  3. Brain ache! I had no idea that Inkheart was a trilogy and like you really enjoyed the film. maybe thats an addition onto my reading list too. Not sure who I would like from a book have not been very engrossed in reading lately x

    1. Lol! There is Inkspell and Inkdeath, although I haven't read them yet.

  4. I definitely think the stories have already been lived, are currently being lived, will be lived in the future. Perhaps not with the specific details given, but with similar themes and feelings, etc. Perhaps the stories are meant to help us cycle out of the same-old eventually. Or perhaps they are meant to help us through them.

    Words. Interesting that thus far the only interaction I've had with you (and many other online friends) are words. So are you real? Am I?

    If these words are a story, a sort-of fairytale if you will, I'd like to read you out of this book if I could. Someday, maybe, eh?

    1. You know I was thinking about the friendships I have with people online when I was writing this, guess we will have to wonder on that one for a while longer ;-) As for reading me out that would be utterly awesome!!!

  5. I would read my characters out of my book. Especially one named Violet, she's sort of my favorite. I would sit and talk with her for days. (Sorry if that's terribly narcissistic of me.)

    1. How amazing would that be to read them out and be able to talk to them :-)


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