Thursday, 21 February 2013

Our Adventure


We're home, exhausted but home, packed full of memories of our adventures. Memories of smiles and discoveries, of objects seen to go with lessons learnt and stories heard. Of famous artists found for the first time and explosions in a lab. Of hotels and beds squashed together, of train travel over ground and underground. Such beautiful sweet memories I will hold forever, some of them captured and shared.

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So this is our London.

 Day One - Off we go.

Our trip begins! Why are train stations always so cold?

And a two hour journey needs some entertainment!

When I visit London I can't stop looking around and noticing things that make me smile!

I love travelling on the tube. I also discovered that I love the look of wonder on my girls faces and the inquisitory discussions we had about trains travelling underground.

However we didn't go to London for the transport links. First stop...The British Museum.

The look of wonder and amazement and voracity with which Munchkin 1 went from one exhibit to the next. Devouring every Egyptian artifact and explaining their significance to me. Canopic jars are seriously disgusting might I add!

The next stop....for Mummy!

A flying visit, yes. But still I stood in awe at the Kings Library. This picture does not do the sheer scale and number of books justice!!

Day 2 - Open top bus tour!

I can't believe how much the girls enjoyed this. Even ice cold toes and noses didn't deter them for quite some time!
 Tower Bridge

 Big Ben, with the London Eye in the background

Reconstruction of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.

St Paul's Cathedral

A whistle stop tour of the Poetry and Dreams exhibition in the Tate Modern. Introducing Munchkin 1 to the likes of Picasso (who's work is ugly, by the way - her words not mine!)

Then on to Trafalgar Square and a visit to the National Gallery. We got involved in a feather and wing art installation. Listened to a story teller use the art work in the gallery to tell a story (really great) and then introduced Munchkin 1 to the likes of Monet (who she loved - that's mi girl!) Cezanne and Van Gough.

Day Three - Time to go home, nearly!

A trip to the Science Museum - Daddy's day ;-)

A demonstration of how to make a rocket fly into space and a quick experiment to see if the Munchkins could power electrical equipment with pedal power. I won't disconnect from the grid just yet though!


That left just enough time for a quick stop at Harrods....Oh how the other half lives!!
However I did discover some gorgeous lifts!

Oh and some cute friends too!

That was a packed couple of days, time to go home.....we're beat!

What special memories have you made this week?

I will leave you with this, Within Temptation. Nothing at all to do with London or the sweet memories made. It is however totally beautiful and the final gorgeous discovery of this break. Back to work tomorrow!

PS - In the last few days I have been bestowed 2 blog awards. One from the fabulously talented and witty blogess Katie at Nested and the other from my dear friend; the obnoxiously talented photographer and blogger Lee Johnson. I promise I will graciously accept these awards and compose appropriately lengthy speeches to said acceptances in due course! Today I think I have overloaded you lovely readers enough.....Stay tuned ;-)


  1. Your pictures made me miss London so much!!! I'm glad you and the family had such a wonderful time. I can't wait to go back. :-)

    And congratulations on your awards! Well deserved!

    1. Lol, I miss London too. Although I am glad to be home, there is so much to see it gets a little tiring!

      And Thank-you!

  2. Oh! I want to go to London! I could sit and look at that ceiling in the museum for hours!

    1. I know, right?!? I am forever randomly stopping around London to stare at the gorgeous architecture or even just random little things....Irritates the hell out of my Other Half!!

  3. What a gift for your family! I LOVE London! And while the history and beauty of the city is amazing, the crepes and sweets are to DIE FOR.

    I'm showing my cards again, aren't I. Chocolate owns me.

    1. I owns me too. It was all I could do not to buy half of the Harrods chocolate hall....yes I said that right they have a whole hall devoted to chocolate and sweeties :-D

  4. wonderful photos of what must have been a wonderful trip.

    1. It was great Audrey, thanks for popping by :-)

  5. I enjoyed following your trip on Instagram! Looks like fun for all. :)

    Thank you for sharing it with us all.

  6. Looks like you guys have a fabulous time. The joy on the faces of your little ones says it all. I had to smile seeing the red phone booth! I have yet to get to England, and hope to someday. I love all things British!


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