Monday, 21 November 2011

All quiet on the Western front

Apologies for not having written for a few days, I am currently indulging my Twilight passion! I am in the middle marathon session of all the films in preparation for seeing the new Breaking Dawn Part 1 film this week. I can't help but love the films that have been fantastically adapted from such well written books. Stephenie Meyer really knows how to get you invested in the characters. Having read all the books it is equally satisfying to see the relationships develop on screen. You can take the supernatural out of the equation and it would still be a fantastic love story; girls meets boy, gets into trouble, he protects her, they fall head over heels, it all goes a little wrong, she nearly ends up with another, then they work it out and have happily ever after with a few bumps along the way! Who wouldn't want the fairy tale!!! Ok so I'm off to enjoy. In the meantime, don't forget to check out Lee Johnson's exhibition at Marsden Old Hall this week, I can't wait to have a look round and hopefully get some inspiration. Keep a look out on here for any new pieces I share.

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