Sunday, 6 November 2011

Without you

Yesterday I wrote a a little about my childhood and my Father's battle with cancer. Here is the poem inspired by my feelings:

What would I be if you were still here
If I never had to shed a tear
Many more nights of playing with my hair
Or whispering goodnight as we climb the stair
How many more lives would you have saved
Instead you had to endure and be brave
We lost you little by little for a while
We grew to be strong and survive in style
Your passing led me to the right place
to see my husbands beautiful face
Two gorgeous girls now of my own
I hope to never leave them alone
Our memories I still hold dear
Though you are no longer near
We are happy now in all we do
Though every day we still miss you

Hope you like it.


  1. I like that you draw the connection between his slow passing and your growing strong...very nice.

    1. It's funny how I still relapse even now!


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