Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Free to Fly

After thinking for a while today I thought I would take a break from the past and spend a little time on the present. I figure a thank you is just about over due!!
There isn't a chance in hell that I would be writing, let alone putting what I have written out there for the world to see, without the support of a good friend of mine. He has provided inspiration with his beautiful photographs and encouraged me to believe in myself when it comes to all things artistic. Please follow the links on my page to Lee Johnson's Photography blog and other pages. His work is truly gorgeous and I hope you like it as much as I do!!! Here are a few words to say thanks to a friend:

You've no idea the things you say
I have no way to ever repay
The kindness and support you give
It helps me breathe, it lets me live
You've shown me things from your world
Said the right things when reading my blurb
You make me laugh when I feel like crying
You're a great friend, and no I'm not lying
Without your inspiration I'd be a bore
You encourage my imagination to sore
I just wanted to say as I pass on by
Thank you for showing me how to fly


  1. Good god, lady. You're such a good poet. Do you know this? This was lovely.

  2. Why thank ye mi lady.

    I tend not think anthing I write is any good, I am always over critical. So it is nice when someone else, especially a talented writer such as your self, appreciates what I have done :-)

  3. Awesome ode to your friend!

    1. It's funny how a poem I wrote before I started blogging also relates to people I have 'met' since in the blogging world.


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