Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Seasons Change

I went for a lovely lunch time stroll in my local park today and took some time to appreciate the Autumn season. The colours all around were amazing and even though the air was crisp it was so relaxing to walk round, crunching the leaves as I went like a big kid!! It feels like a life time since I got to appreciate this wonderful season, last year it seemed to come and go in the blink of an eye and then the snow appeared and we were in winter!
There are many who complain about the end of summer and the dark nights ...... we've all heard it and some times even complained ourselves, wouldn't it be nice if we could just take each season as it comes and appreciate the things around us. What's your favourite part of the Autumn season? I think mine would have to be crunchy leaves, they never fail to bring a smile to my face!
Hope you like this:

Colours change with the new season
Not all care that there is a reason
All they see is death and darkness
With each leaf that falls and crunches
How some wish for the same winters sleep
Tucked up in bed the warmth to keep
Do they not see the beauty they'd miss
the bright winter sun, the air so crisp
It's fine by me if they stay at home
The changing wonderland I'll enjoy alone
It starts with colours so bright and vivid
To the darkness and white that send some livid
Delight the senses; colours, sounds and smells
The Autumn season we know so well
Before too long Christmas will be here
Don't wish this away to another New Year


  1. I love the crunching leaves, yes, and I love it when your standing under a bunch of trees and gust of wind suddenly pushes all these colored leaves down around you. A leaves-shower, or something? I like the shortened days, too. It makes the evenings seem so cuddly.

    1. I whole haeartedly agree, shorter days = cosier nights! Your description of a leaves-shower reminded me of spring and the blossom-showers :-)


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