Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Best Thing I Ever Did!

Back to boring old me today. So far I have talked about my childhood, skirted around my teenage years and spoken about the love of my life. Now we get on to the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Whilst on honeymoon a little over 8 years ago I fell pregnant with my first child. Being pregnant was amazing, the feeling of another life forming inside you is something beyond explanation. No matter how many times people tell you being a parent is hard it will never prepare you. It starts before it's time for the first night time feed, a strange mixture of feelings; elation versus emptiness, wonder versus exhaustion. Then it gets harder, with the sleepless nights and settling in to this new life. To add insult to injury the baby blues kick in. In short it is HELL, but then just one look is all it takes, to see that beautiful bundle that grew inside you, it is out of this world! It never ceases to amaze me how that initial feeling of amazement grows and grows the older they get. Every day, no matter how many tantrums they have, they do something that lights up your world. I have two girls now and although this can be twice the hell, it is also twice the light.
No matter what other dreams  I have had or will have in my life, whether I fulfill them or not, having children will always be the best thing I ever do in my life!

A little something inspired by my girls...

The loveliest feeling, hands linked with you
When you say no I feel so blue
You are my sunshine every day
Even when the sky is grey
You never fail to make me smile
Even though your bad once in a while
Cute things you do, sweet things you say
I'm proud of you in every way
I don't know if I'm wired this way
To love you more and more each day
All I know is I can't wait to see
The grown up you will one day be.


  1. What is it about linking hands with little loved ones? Every time I hold hands with one or both of my little boys I just sigh, so content. Life is bliss in those moments, eh?

    1. Holding hands or hugs, it's just like coming home!


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