Sunday, 13 November 2011

Into Wonderland

I have been quiet over the last few days and I would apologise but I have had such a wonderful time, I wouldn't have missed a moment.
I visited the Tate Liverpool to see the Alice in Wonderland exhibition they currently have running. I had time to absorb and enjoy every thing about the experience. Having only ever briefly visit the British Art Museum once I really didn't know what to expect... It was wonderful, even the windows provided little moving pieces of art. There were so many artists on show that have been influenced by the Lewis Carroll's Alice books, it was amazing. Some of them I loved; Annelies Strba, some of them not so. It never ceases to amaze me how two people can look at the same image or read the same words and yet 'see' different things!
The highlight of my visit was getting to see the original hand written copy of Alice's Adventures Underground, the link between the written word and the illustrations is amazing to see, even the prose is beautiful to look at!
The whole exhibition was captivating and if you get a chance to visit, please do!


  1. I love the Alice in Wonderland books. Did you like the latest movie, with Johny Depp, etc?


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