Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Day 10 NaBloPoMo December - Monday Moments

Bah, today I feel like ranting. Things don't usually get me worked up but today I am having a grrrrrr moment!

Instead I am going to share a random moment with you:

This dropped out of a book today at work

Of course my mind recognised this hand in an instant and it then got to wondering about celebrity and beauty, big leap I know.
Why are celebrities revered as the most beautiful in our society? Is something real and beautiful on the inside much more preferable?


  1. I often wonder about the celebrity worship in which our society engages. Most of these people are no more remarkable than you or me or anyone else, and yet they have this almost demi-god status.

    1. We are (mostly) all beautiful and awesome in our own ways why should their awesomeness be any better than ours?!?!


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