Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Day 12-12-12 NaBloPoMo December - Friends

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I've been searching all my life
For someone just like you
I can be there in times of need
And you would be there for me too
I always smile when you pop up
Because chatting is so effortless
Face to face or via text
Though laughing has some side effects
It seems you are what I was searching for
You plug a hole inside me
A connection with the world and more
I just wish you saw what I see.
I have had many friends in my life, some who I still count as my friends some who are no longer in my life. Recently I have come to see what I have been missing, friendship as a two way street. It is a long time since I have had that!! Many people have been awol when it came time to be there for me, many more simply aren't close enough.
In a little twist of my life I have realised I have the final piece of my puzzle; I have my other half, I have my babies, I enjoy my job, developed a hobby that I enjoy and now I have a few close friends who make my world complete (even if they don't live on the same continent). You know who you are and I thank you for being in my life. 


  1. Oh how I love your poetry. And I love that your life has twisted in such a positive way. Yay for feeling complete, and for friendships that live beyond boundaries of time and place.

    1. Yay indeed. You are one of my corner pieces ;-)


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