Monday, 17 December 2012

Day 17 NaBloPoMo December - Monday Moments

As I fully intend to be out enjoying life tonight with friends and will not have time to share any Monday Moments with you I hope you enjoy this pre-recorded message instead.

The other week I was awarded a Liebster Blog Award which I then awarded to Deb at Kicking Corners. She has opened up her questions to anyone and seeing as the are cool questions I thought I would answer them....on one condition. You see Deb cheated a little, well more bent the rules and didn't give up 11 facts about herself, she only posted one. So for answering the questions I want one more Deb fact (I know you all do too) and obviously 1 + 1 + 11 so she'll be all square in terms of the rules ;-)

My imaginary conversation with Deb:

Deb - Can I ask you a question?
Me - Sure, you can ask me anything!
Deb - Ok if you're sure:

1. What's a quote you either very much agree or disagree with? Why?

Roald Dahl "those who don't believe in magic will never find it"
The years I was mistaken and thought a certain jolly man of a Christmassy disposition didn't exist were among the more boring years I can remember. Now I have come to my senses and can truly say I believe ion Santa the magic of Christmas has returned!

2. Do you like kids? Why or why not?

I love kids, because they are so innocent and receptive and joyous.

3. What's your favorite part of the winter holiday season? Why?

That moment just between when you and the kids wake up on Christmas Day morning before you check to see if Santa has been.

4. What are your thoughts about the goddess Bast?
Catty, I'm not sure we'd get on. I'm more of a dog person.

5. Did/do you have a favorite childhood cartoon? Why or why not?

Inspector Gadget, because those arms would come in really handy!

6. What does this bring to mind: "Double the pleasure, double the fun..."?
Hmmm, not sure my initial thought is broadcasteable. Needless to say it was slightly juvenile and made me giggle ;-)

7. Do you prefer to drink your favorite beverage from a bottle or glass?
Glass, unless it's a Corona!!

8. What is a memory you have where a kite was somehow involved?

My Mum, myself and a friend went up on my favourite hill (Pendle, well more the nick of Pendle), it was a particularly windy day and we went to fly some amazing kites we got in America (my visit to California aged 8). Anyway my friend was quite petite and was literally pulled down the hill and at one point lifted off the ground. We all ended up falling about laughing trying to pin her down whilst my Mum pulled the kite in.

9. Do you get moody when you're hungry?
Yes, very!! I also get grumpy when I don't eat what I want to be eating!

10. What are five small-ish objects closest to you?

My phone (think I need to have it surgically removed sometimes), a box of Christmas cards (yet to write, oopps), a Lindor chocolate (it is Christmas), the TV remote (because I'm a lazy ass), My notepad (another one that need surgically removing!)

11. What is a random detail that sticks out in your mind about a significant event in your life?
On one period of hospitalisation that my Dad's illness was peppered with my Mum and I had made an effort to get dressed up for my Dad. She had bought me a pair of high heeled shoes just like hers and I felt so grown up. I clearly remember the sound of our heels clicking down the silent corridor with that nervous feeling in my stomach wondering how he would be today, hoping we wouldn't get there and his bed be empty (that thought scared the hell out of me on every visit).
Wow I haven't thought about that in a long time!!!!
Sorry I can't leave the post on that note so you can have one more fact about me:
In textual types of messages I will keep replying in order to continue the conversation with you for as long as possible, just because it makes me feel a little closer to you.
Ok Deb, over to you. One more fact ;-)


  1. I LOVED inspector gadget too! go go gadget copter! I had girl scout troop meetings every thursday night, and I always made my parents tape Inspector Gadget for me haha

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. da da da da da Inspector Gadget.....

      Go go gadget arms :-)

  2. Number 11 is beautiful. I can hear it, feel it. Thanks for answering my questions, chicka. You're top, for real. I needed all this today -- thank you.

    1. It makes me smile that this was what you needed! I had no idea I could remember little details like that until you asked, so thank you!


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