Monday, 31 December 2012

Day 31 NaBloPoMo December - New Year New Schedule

So two months of posting everyday are nearly over and I thought I would sign up for another month.....Ha yeah, not likely!!

Seriously, I have loved posting daily but two months is enough. I have a new project that I need to devote my time to and I definitely need to catch up on the blogs I love to read because there are some I haven't visited all month and for this I apologise!! Christmas and blogging everyday was probably not my wisest plan!!
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I thought I would give you a heads up on how I hope things will pan out in the New Year:

Tuesday Tickles/Tunes - This all depends on how I am feeling, you may get both or only one...who knows!

Random Thursdays - Does exactly what it says on the tin and as long as Larissa is hosting the link up party I will be there!!

Fridays - I will either post a Fairy Tale Friday or a piece of Fabulous Friday Fiction (poem or short or whatever else comes to mind).

You may get things in between times if you are really lucky, but this will generally mean I am slacking on my other project and may need a kick in the arse (which I officially give you permission to administer) to get back to what I should be doing ;-)

Do you have any new plans you are making for the new year? Or do you prefer to wing it??


  1. you know me and I don't really do the whole winging it. I hope 2013 will bring me a lovely home with light and space where my craftiness will be at its loveliness. I also hope that I will be able to manage my time better so that I can start and finish new projects and get back on track with my own little blog x x Happy New Year

    1. Here's to achieving what we aim for!!

  2. I like the schedule. I'll put it on my calendar so I'm sure to pop in on the right day, right time. I like the tickles and tunes idea too, and of course I'm in love with both Friday ideas. Way to help me look forward to 2013 ^^

    Plans for the new year? I've got a couple of hopes and fears, but we'll see how things actually pan out. Let the games begin, eh?

    1. I like the sound of your hopes, not so much your fears (if I can help take any away I'm here). My only fear is being my own worst enemy!!

      As you say, let the games begin ;-)

  3. A schedule is definitely the way to go...NaBloPoMo officially kicked bottoms last month! :)

    I have way too many things to do this year to blog much as I love blogging it just isn't feasible.

    Happy New Year! :D


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