Friday, 7 December 2012

Day 6 NaBloPoMo December - Random Thursday

For random Thursday this week you get to know a little more about me, so skip on to tomorrow if you have already had enough of me!!

Larissa at Papa is a Preacher has passed along a Liebster Blog Award, described on her blog as:


 "The Liebster Blog Award is an award given from bloggers to bloggers that are small to medium in size or up and coming in the blogsphere. Liebster is German for favorite. The award is a way to give beginning bloggers some worthy attention, make connections and let readers learn a little more about you. "

It always surprises me a little when I get things like this passed along, I invariably end up doing a little dance singing 'someone likes me, someone likes me' judging ;-)

So, I have eleven questions to answer, eleven facts about myself and then eleven questions to set for the blogs I pass the award to (all in less than ten minutes to ensure I still post on Thursday not Friday, eeeepp).

1. A childhood memory.

I have many memories of my childhood that revolve around the hospital where my Dad was cared for. There was an auxiliary nurse that would take me doing jobs around the ward to give my Mum and Dad time. She made me my own nurses hat (you know the old fashioned paper ones) and I would wear a plastic apron. I will never forget the day she let me send the laundry down the shoot. Sometimes it's the little things that count.

2. One of your biggest fears. 
The end of the world. To the point that Independence Day (the film) gave me nightmares for a week!

3. Something you wish you knew at 18.
To just be me and not what others wanted me to be, or at least what I thought they wanted me to be.

4. Five things you cannot leave the house without.
Notepad and pen (so just one item not two), a scarf of some description, fingerless gloves / wrist warmers (yes occasionally in summer too), usually the kids (although I wish I could leave them behind sometimes!), oh and I guess clean knickers would be a bonus (just in case I get run over by a bus!).

5. Favorite U.S. President. Why?
It always used to be JFK, I love that era, but honestly Obama is just pipping him to the post at the moment.

6. Something on your bucket-list. (Or simply something you really want to do someday.)
See Romeo and Juliet performed at the Globe Theatre.

7. Polkadots, stripes or chevron?
Stripes, I did cry a little this week when my favourite pair of green stripy socks developed a terminal hole (think wicked witch of the east, or was it west...I forget).

8. A place you think everyone should visit!
The UK, there are so many hidden treasures. Step out of the cities and visit the coast, or the hills.

9. If you could change one thing about 2012, what would it be?

Not drinking a whole bottle of wine just to discover me and wine really aren't friends. I only hope Jose will have me back!!

10. Something you like about yourself.
I have said this before but hey I like it - I Love easily and freely, this does also mean my heart is broken frequently but I try not let that stop me from loving.

11. Sunset or sunrise?
If I have to choose it would be the sunset, but only so I could watch the stars all night just to hang around and catch the sunrise too ;-)
Eleven facts d'Sleepy
1. I have a tiny obsession with the concept of soul-mates.
2. I am a chocoholic.
3. I have zip self confidence, although I have been told I come across as confident :-/
4. I try to confront my fears head on, however I would kind of prefer not to face my biggest fear!
5. I maybe still believe in Santa Clause, just a little ;-)
6. I do an excited little dance when I get comments, new followers or get mentioned in a tweet...sad I know!!
7. I am a very auditory kind of person. I associate things and people with songs; either because of the lyrics, because the song is someones favourite or because I was reading a book whilst listening to this song.
8. I am a hippy at heart, I love dancing around bare-foot in lush grass.
9. I prefer giving presents to receiving them, although I should maybe re-phrase that if the other half is reading....I prefer to give presents but still loving getting surprise gifts.
10. I always bite off more than I can chew.
11. If I am in need of inspiration a walk in the wilderness (or as close as I can get to wilderness) usually does the trick, even better with the right kind of company.
*phew* y'all still with me??
Recipients of this award; based on a variety of totally subjective things and chosen by a wholly objective panel of me, me and me, are:
Ok, so my mind has gone blank and I cannot think of any other blogs, that I follow, that are relatively new to all this. If I have not listed you and you feel left out please answer the questions any way and post a link in the comments.
So your questions should you choose to accept this award are:
1. Do you believe in soul-mates and why, even if the answer is no? (sorry shamelessly stealing this question from Loki-Lou because it is such a good question! Thanks Loki)
2. Sunset photo or nighttime shot? (images to compare available here)
3. Fleecy PJ's, Onesie or shorts?
4. Where do you head or to whom do you go if you are in need of inspiration?
5. What song best captures you or your life, either in general or in this moment?
6. What one thing would you have in your life if there were no monetary, moral or other limitations?
7. What is your dream job?
8. What is your Christmas Eve tradition?
9. Do tablets (ie. ipads) make you feel like you are living in a Sci-fi movie?
10. What musical instrument would you play if you could? Or would you sing instead?
11. Candle light or the big light (sorry Northern reference to the main ceiling light in a room)?
Happy question time guys, can't wait to read your answers ;-)


  1. It's great to get to know you a little better.. and uhh .. chocoholic, huh? I would sooo not be in that category... as a witness to my current obsession I have been sharing on Twitter, you can testify to that..right? (;

    :D Thanks for playing along Sleepy Joe! And for linking up too!

    1. Oh to enjoy a hot chocolate together Larissa and talk about all these things over chocolate and cream ;-)

  2. LOVED your responses. Guess I shouldn't bring up the whole Mayan calendar thing, huh? tick tick tick tick.

    Sorry, couldn't help it. I'm a trouble maker.

    Congrats on the award!

    1. La la la la la la la......sorry I got your loved my answers but there was some sort of static over the rest of your comment ;-)

  3. Thank you so much for the award! And thank you for allowing us to get to know you better - we have a lot in common! :-) I'm so excited about this award!!! You're the best - thank you!

    1. Oooo, I need to come and find out what we have in common ;-)

  4. Congratulations! I love your answers!

  5. I love when you say things like 'pipping him to the post'.

    It is not sad that you get excited for comments and new followers. I do too!

    1. Get excited then, I have just been over at yours commenting (still not caught up...down side to NaBloPoMo, not doing January!!)


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