Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Day 19 NaBloPoMo December - Home

Loki at The Modfather was talking yesterday about home and how she is glad to be back in Lancashire.

Having not lived outside of Lancashire I cannot claim to have felt this way. However, what I have had recently is an overwhelming relief that I didn't follow my dreams and move far far away. Once upon a time, and also in the not so distant past, the thoughts and often detailed plans were hatched to move away. I am talking anything from the south of this country to clear across the big pond to the land of dreams. What I thought I wanted was to get away from was where I lived, I realise what I actually wanted to get away from was me. I didn't like who I was. I was an old and hagged version of me, I hated what I had become, I hated my job...the list goes on.

Now, I'm in a much better place, I like me and I don't really care if others do too or not. This has de-misted my eyes and I can see much clearer. Being able to look around me and see what is here, along with the talented art of Lee Johnson has allowed me to appreciate what I almost gave up.

So; inspired by Loki, with thanks to Lee, this is my home, this is Lancashire.

(Lee has kindly allowed me to post one of his shots here...I am soooo lucky. Please bob over and take a look, as well as being super talented he shows Lancashire in the most beautiful ways)

When I was young
I used to dream
Of sailing the ocean wide
Take myself across the sea
To the promised land
There was a moment
A desperate time
When the dream took flight
I searched, I planned
It was close enough to touch
Back then we stayed
It was too far away
Right now I see
The reason was more than you
It was inside me too
For now I see, I appreciate
All that is around
The beauty of this green isle
It's many secret corners
Yet so close to the ocean grand
I am where I belong
The woodlands and hills
Beauty in solitude
Or side splitting laughter
This is my promised land
Seeing as it is nearly Christmas and I have had a special request (see tomorrow), there will be a Christmas song every day from now until Christmas.
Please listen to this one, I stumbled upon her voice whilst searching You Tube for different Christmas songs. Her sound is beautiful and hypnotising and altogether amazing, this is Maria Mena
How do you feel about where you live? Will you be home for Christmas?


  1. I didn't grow up where I live now, and I definitely didn't want to get 'stuck' where I am now. I was just supposed to get my degree and then get the hell out. Well. Now life here is good, and I can't really imagine myself being anywhere else. I still wish we could travel more, but coming home to here would always feel most like home.

    Things change, and maybe that's not how I'll feel in five years? Who knows. But that's how I feel now.

    We'll be home for some of Christmas. Yay! And I love your song today.

    1. I figure home is wherever you are all together. I just took the area I live for graunted for so long it feels like I have made it home after being away for so long.

      And yes things change and I am glad they do!!

  2. What a beautiful picture and poem! I miss home and my family and my doctoral program prospects would all take me even farther from home than I already am (assuming I get into one).

    1. I am sure you will find a home or make it back home when the time is right :-)


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