Saturday, 29 December 2012

Day 29 NaBloPoMo December - Saturday Sing Along

As today is the last Saturday Sing Along I decided to make today a bit of a karaoke session....only joking. I just couldn't decide on what song to include so I have put a few in, I hope one of your favourites is in there ;-)

Because I was listening to this tonight, thanks to Loki and it needs to be shared (Fun - Carry On)

Please don't watch this one if you are at all sensitive, Marilyn Manson is not everyone's cup of coco!!
Because it is one of my favourites! (Stereophonics - Just Looking)
Because I loved them when I was younger (Garbage - Queer)
Because my kids love this at the moment
Well that is certainly an eclectic mix of songs ;-) There will be a fair few favourites I have missed, post a link to yours in the comments section, I always like to discover new things! Happy Saturday.

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