Monday, 3 December 2012

Day 3 NaBloPoMo December - Monday Moments

If you are new to this blog you won't be aware that I changed jobs in June to work in a library and I love my job. It has been great being back at work and to make it all the more amazing I work with some lovely ladies.

One of these fab ladies, who just happens to have an amazing name (because it's the same as mine), is the star of today's Monday moment because she saw this, thought of me and bought it for me.

She knows me so well ;-D
and a new book bag!!
As a thank you a little musical treat for said special lady!

Happy Monday people.


  1. Some people are just amazing. Glad you have such awesome co-oworkers. :)

  2. I love presents! Like more than vital organs even. Good friends you have there!

  3. How sweet! Good coworkers are treasures!

  4. All the girls I work with are lovely and are indeed treasure ;-)

    I love presents too Marianne, although I usually prefer to give them!


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