Thursday, 27 December 2012

Day 27 NaBloPoMo December - Giving

This time of year kind of gets hijacked by children (and adults) with a severe case of the 'I wants' and that always kind of makes me sad!

Aside from the obvious issues I have with families that are struggling and countries where people struggle for food never mind the latest electronic gadget. The main reason I get sad is because I don't like to put too much weight behind the receiving, I prefer to give.

In recent years I have drifted into the mind set of 'what do you want?' and buying something the person wants, something practical. These kinds of gifts are well received, they are never a surprise and are usually put to one side as quickly as they are opened. It's a time thing, kids come along and your time is zapped, add in work and the easy option becomes the only one you go for out of necessity.

This year a dear friend has come into my life and reminded me what it is like to put thought, time and energy into the gifts we give. To think about the person you are giving the gift to, what you want the gift to say and what will make that special person smile when they open their gift.

She is the reason I gave at least one special present from my heart this year and why it is my mission for 2013 to get to know her much better so by this time next year she will have a gift to light up her life.

As a thank you and because I know you need something to smile about today here is one thing to look forward to, one thing to ogle and one thing to enjoy now ;-)

and finally
(why does Ben Whishaw always look like he is up to something O_o)


  1. Oh I agree with you.. the gifts that have thoughts behind them really are much better... sometimes though.. it's just so difficult! I guess you've got it right when you say "get to know her better".. that's the thing.. we need to pay attention and get to know the person if we really want to know what to get them..right?

    That Ben is a cutie!

    1. I used to be really good at thoughtful gifts, time and energy being in short supply I have forgotten how to do it. I guess I have a year to re-learn ;-)

  2. I admit it, I get wrapped up in Christmas. It's just me and the hubby, and even when there isn't much money (all the time) we try to make it special for each other by buying the stuff we have been drooling over all year. For me this year that was a blogging for dummies book, a pen set, and some shirts! If we had kids, I know it would be different, but that ship sailed many moons ago.

    I do agree with you that as a society we put too much focus on getting, and not just at Christmas. Our society is driven by it. You inspired me to work on that in my little corner of creation, so thanks! :)

    I stopped by from Larissa's link up!

    1. What ever works in your corner is just fine, the giving is two way and sometimes getting what you really want is the most thoughtful gift of all.

      In our little corner we tend to try and get the things we want during the year (unless they are too exensive or really not needed) so Christmas is a time for thoughtful things. The other half got me a lantern this year (that holds tea lights) to light up my life when he can't. I will remember this gift almost as long as the blanket he got me one year with pictures of him and my eldest on it, so they could keep me warm during the night time feeds for my youngest. The years I get what I ask for I usually can't remember what it was by the following year :-/

      Thanks for popping by, now NaBloPoMo is over I intend to catch up on reading blogs a little more!!


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