Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Day 12 NaBloPoMo - Monday Moments

If you know me you know I like to set my self rules and then break them, well I like to live life on the edge occasionally.

Monday moments this week is a kind of flexible term, they are more moments from Saturday to Monday that have made me smileand be grateful for life.

Have you ever been randomly flipping through a book and a particular line jumps out at you. I have suddenly discovered this fabulous phenomena since starting at the library (I flip through a lot of books in a day), share one in the comments if this has ever happened to you. Today's little snippet comes from a book by Darynda Jones called 'Second Grave on the Left'. Now please note I have no idea what this book is about or even if it is a well written book, however the title caught my attention and this is what I found on a random flip through the pages, the main character appears to be talking about a close friend:
"We were like those people who met and just seemed to know each other"
This quote just seemed like a perfect addition to the lovely weekend I have had in terms of friends making me believe I am worth it (at least for a minute or two)

On Saturday I met (in person and totally not imaginary way) Loki-Lou, The Modfather. She is as hard working and funny as she comes across on her blog and cannot wait to meet up again, this time with cakes instead of saws I think ;-) I am thankful that she wanted to meet me too and actually is ok with seeing more of me :-D

Sunday came along, now let me set the scene for you.....Two beautiful girls, one tired and not so good Mummy and a Daddy off learning how to be a better football coach. We had food shopping to do with the promise of a lovely craft fair to go to. How do my 'angels' behave, hmm by jumping in bed and kicking me in the face before we even started the day followed by tantrums over clothing choice - apologies to the eldest, how am I supposed to know that my thirty plus years of experience have taught me wrong and wearing a thin chiffon top is appropriate in temperatures of around five degrees. Any way slightly stressed would be a way to describe my day....

So back to the moment I am thankful for, I read this from Tangled Lou at Periphery and I cried. Amongst the chaos and screaming that I was trying to ignore I cried to the point munchkin number 1 came to see if I was ok. I know, I know sappy right?!? I don't have a very good opinion of myself, possibly from years of never really fitting in and people never really thinking as much of me as I do of them. To have someone I regard as truly articulate and wonderful say such nice things about me comes as a little bit of a shock, a nice shock but a shock all the same, hence the tears of joy and thankfulness.

Now, in all the madness of Sunday I had a two minute slice to be so proud of my girls that I cried again. Bit of a weepy day I think, but all for nice reasons. On the 11th minute on the 11th day of the 11th month we stand still and reflect for two silent minutes. A mark of respect to our fallen hero's. I rarely make it to any kind of official service or parade, however I always observe the silence. Usually the girls are at school or nursery and we cannot share this moment together, this year was different. Over breakfast we talked about why we wear poppies in November and what the silence was for, I was suitably shocked at exactly how much they knew and understood. At 11 o'clock we sat at the table hand in hand, silent, for a whole two minutes. This is unheard of, the munchkins can't usually keep quite for a count of ten let alone two minutes. Proud would be an understatement here, then normal stroppiness resumed!

In short I am thankful that my girls are amazing even when they are more like devils than angels, this I already kind of knew. Mostly I am thankful that I matter, I am worth something (outside of being Mum) to other people in this tiny little world.

There is always something to make you smile and be thankful, sometimes you just have to look a little harder than others.

Random pretty picure from my favourite park :-)

Oh and I have hit over 3,000 page views today, yep when I realised I did do a funky and slightly weird victory dance round the living room. Each person who visits, each time you come back for more (do you need your medication?) I am very grateful, thank you for making it all worth while!


  1. Congrats on hitting 3,000! And for meeting Loki-Lou! I'm sure she's as cool in person as in print!

    1. Cooler, much much cooler. Complete with an owl hat, what more can I say ;-)

      And thanks!

    2. An owl hat? Come on! Where can I get one? Again with the details, Sleepy Joe...you are so good at giving us the important stuff.

  2. 1) I love that TangledLou's post made such an impact that your child would come and check on you; 2) I love that you child would come check on you.

    I'm grateful for you, Sleepy Joe. You are my medication, and I come back because you help me feel better about life. Thank you for being such an inspiration.

    1. I think I am going to go and hide under the duvet, all this Love is overwhelming!!!

  3. I love that Tangled Lou's post affected you so deeply--and caught you at a moment when you could use a boost. And your moment of silence with your devilish little angels reminds me of lots of times my own caught me off-guard with rapid changes in (positive) directions. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Our kids are our little angels aren't they, there just when we need them. I some times think I get more out of raising them than they get from me!


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