Saturday, 3 November 2012

Day 3 NaBloPoMo - Sing along Saturday

I had an amazing night last night! I have been to a few concerts before now but they have all been relatively nice refined affairs. Not last night, oh no, last night I popped my heavy rock cherry. Oh and I loved it!!!!!! Thanks should be said here to a fab friend who did not run screaming from the building at the sight of me bouncing up and down and singing till I lost my voice, guess that is true friendship for you!!

I hurt today, a lot, the sign of a lot of dancing and jumping around. So I am off to enjoy a cupcake and recover! I will however leave you with a little treat for my first sing along Saturday...enjoy!

And just in case any of the Lostprophets boys happen to wander by my blog; I love you all, thanks for popping my cherry and yes I would shave my legs for any one of you ;-)

PS I will take requests for next Saturday so messages on a postcard please (ok in the comments would be quicker!!)


  1. Wooooooo Lostprophets! So jealous! (Thank you for the email updates too - they kept me smiling!). I said on twitter...I'm going for an unusual band that I am completely hooked on.

    "Oomph! - Labyrinth" (They're German but sang this in English for their "Truth or Dare" album Dero's voice is perfect!)

  2. I have lived a very sheltered life in the concert department. I attended a concert in the late 80s (Paul Young) and then two in the past two years (both Barenaked Ladies) with nothing, really, in between.

    I love (and can totally identify with) the "I would shave my legs for any one of you" thing. HILARIOUS!

    1. Me too, before last night my concert experience ranged from the likes of Cliff Richard, The Shadows, James Blunt and the slightly less cringe worthy U2.

      My eyes have been opened to what I have been missing and I now believe I should now make up for lost time ;-)


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