Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Day 27 NaBloPoMo - Small Kindenesses

Today Tuesday Tickles takes a small hiatus so I can link up with Writing Our Way Home's Small Kindnesses Blogsplash. Head over and take a look, there is also a free book available if you have a Kindle ;-)

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Anyway the deal is to flood this little old blogverse with kindness. If all of us post about the small things that mean the world, pretty soon the world (well the bloggy world at least) will be full of kindness.

It is no secret that I haven't been well of late and I have had quite a while sat on the sofa contemplating life (read here wallowing in self pitty until I physically slapped myself realising other have it worse!) Discovering this blogsplash has at least given me a new topic to consider.

Because of the way my life has panned out, because of a million reasons, I don't really have a small tight knit group of friends and I am an only child. My best friend is my husband and most of the other people I class as dear friends are not the type of people to live in my pocket, or vice versa.

However, it is during times like these that I really miss having this kind of network. People who will drop everything to pop in for a brew and make sure you are still sane. People who will fold that pile of washing because the Other Half is doing a sterling job but can't do the work that two of us struggled to get through when fully functioning. People who don't give a rats ass if you haven't changed out of your PJ's in 48 hours.

I don't have this, what I have discovered though is how fabulous new friends can be. How it means the world when someone I hardly know thinks to send me funny youtube clips just because she knows I am having a hard time. It may seem like such a small thing, but to me it meant the difference between a smile or total break down.

As I have already thanked the special person who meant the world to me yesterday (althoough I am not sure she knows how much it meant - ha ha she does now!) I thought I would spread the love. I don't know anyone that is struggling today but if you are reading this and are weighed down by something here is a little juevenile hilarity. I hope this is the difference between a smile or a tear for you too.

Small kindnesses for me are those people that reach out to others in need; those that phone or text or tweet or email just to see if you are ok. Those that don't assume that someone else has it covered. Those little gestures that mean we don't feel so alone.

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  1. I hope that you continue to find happiness and kindness in friends, new and old. I never thought that my blog would gain me any friends, but it has, friends whom I've never met but who email me when they have something to say, something to laugh about, or something that worries them. And vice versa. It's been really wonderful for me to have that support network. I moved away from all of my friends for my husband and it's been nice to develop a little clan of friends through my blog. It looks like you're doing the same!

    1. When I started blogging just over a year ago I figured it would be just something I would do alone. Maybe one or two people I know would bob by and take a look but nothing special.

      What has happened is I have found a wonderful little community that supports its own with the tenacity of a big brother. I have 'met' some truly amazing people that litterally keep me going sometimes, with well timed posts, comments and e-mails. I am in awe of the world wide web, an amazing invention that allows us to find each other and come together.

  2. YAY! "Most Farted"....what mischief maker sent you that I wonder!

    I have a busy mad couple of days but may be able to bob round for a coffee/tea on Friday...provided I don't end up in court for killing my job centre adviser (and provided I finally get to finish watching "Forget Me Not") :)

    1. A truly fabulous mischeif maker ;-)

      Friday is going to be a good day!!

  3. That's one of my absolute favorite parts of blogging .. the community, the friendships, the warmth. :)

    Hope you feel better soon and continue to find people like Lok- I mean ... the wonderful person that made you smile ... ;)

    1. It is my favourite part of blogging (to the point I am sure some of you are convinced I stalk you! - whih I don't honest).

      'the community, the friendships, the warmth' exactly!!

      I am starting to feel a little better as well which is great. Maybe said Norse god of mischeif has something to do with that??

  4. I agree with you in that small kindness--someone to reach out to you to make sure you're okay. It makes such a difference in your day! So glad to have read this. :) Warmest blessings.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and adding a little small kindness ;-)


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