Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Day 28 NaBloPoMo - I got 99 words but the.....

Flash fiction is a relatively new thing in the grand scheme of things, the first use of the term appears to have been in 1992 in an anthology Flash Fiction: Seventy-Two Very Short Stories.

(Flash, ahha. sorry couldn't help myself - original here)

More recently than this however I have discovered 99fiction on tumblr (via twitter). Now this intrigues me, can you really tell a story in 99 words? How better to find out than having a go?

Take 1 - 121 words, editing required!!

Take 2 - 101 words, arrgghhhhh.

Take 3 - 100 words, bah!

Take 4 - 98 words. Wahooooo

Meet Again

Seven years and he still recognised her red hair. So much had happened, so much lost. Would she even want to see him again?
The salt wind was whipping her blazing hair as she stared out across the waves, the water caressing her naked feet and the sand was clinging to the wet edges of her skirt.
Faith turned to walk along the shore as she always did and there he was, holding the rest of her soul. Tears of relief fell as they walked towards each other, their finger tips meeting as if they had never parted.
Phew, so can it be done? Is 99 words enough to tell a story? Can I find another 99 words to enter the competition? So many questions, I feel like adding a comedy 'dum, dum duuuummmm'
For your added enjoyment ;-)


  1. Well done Sleepy Joe! You've proved it can be done and be done well! I enjoyed it. :)

    1. :-) Thanks Larissa

      Time to pull myself together and enter that there competition them!!

  2. "and there he was, holding the rest of her soul." Seriously, girl, where is your book?

    1. Erm, yeah, my book......waiting for me to get my act together????

  3. You can totally do it! All of my writer friends are doing flash, while I'm becoming a relic for sticking with traditional short stories. But you've inspired me! I'm going to try my hand at it!

    1. It certainly makes you think about what is important.

      I tend to jump all over the place; poetry, shorts, apparently now flash too. The only thing I have never managed is a full length novel, time's a bitch we all serve!!


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