Thursday, 29 November 2012

Day 29 NaBloPoMo - Random Thursday

I am this excited!!! I am going back to work :-D

Am I better??

Is this on or off the record?

On the record!

Well yes of course I am *looks around sheepishly*

Off the record??

As long as this stays between me and you!! Not 100%! Can I stay in this house any longer? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In all seriousness I am much better than I was, I'm just not pain free. Just hoping that I can make it through the day!!

Other Randomness of a Sleepy nature:

I am dithering again on a couple of things, all writing related so I figured I might just put my ditherings out there and leave myself wide open to a kick in the ass to get me moving in some sort of direction.

1. My 99 word story yesterday seems to have worked, yet I am still pondering whether or not to try and enter the competition that 99fiction are running. The deadline is looming and all I need to do is find a topic to write about if I am to enter. Ideas in the comments please my head is befuddled, leading me nicely to.....

2. Faith and Dan have featured on here a few times over the last few months, they are characters my mind created for a purpose that was as far from books and publishing as you can get! But they won't shut up, their story keeps twittering, whispering in the corners of my mind all the freaking time (please don't call the men in white coats, they aren't asking me to murder anyone...yet).

So I am faced with a number of options; Ignore them and try to plan the book I intended to write, give in and write their story as a novel (or maybe novella??) as a side note I am positive no one would want to publish it and I wouldn't even choose to read this style of story!! Or I could go with a suggestion from a friend; I could set up a blog dedicated to them and their story, a platform for their story to be told. - So what do you think? Again answers in the comments please ;-)

3. I have recently discovered The UK Poetry Library, they accept submissions from amateurs of the poetry persuasion. I have been faffing for weeks over what to try and submit, if at all. I really want to do this so I am going to set myself a rather long deadline of New Years Eve to have submitted something. Please feel free to pester, prod, poke and generally kick my ass until I confirm completion. I figure by making this public I will feel a compelling urge to follow through (in a strictly writerly and non-bodily fluid kind of way) instead of dithering infinitum!

I hope you all don't mind lending a helping shoe and getting me moving!

Now finally a certain little mischief maker, who is known for random acts of cheeriness, has had a really shitty day. So I think it is about time someone else did the cheering ;-)

So this is probably the millionth of watching this but I can reliably bet on you smiling whilst watching - enjoy Loki-Lou


  1. I think fictional blog is a great idea! Reading and Chickens has two of them and I've been hooked on both of them for quite a while now...Her first one, Office Crush she turned into an e-book. :)

    Get started on the submission Sleepy Joe! We're all backing you up! :D

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. You should do the fictional blog! It would be cool. Go for it!


  3. I agree with Kathy and Larissa! Go for the blog! (I'd definitely read it).

    And thank you hunni (for Tobias) - I did smile while watching that, I think it's impossible not to he is just so darned lovely! Hope you realise this song will be stuck in my head all day! ;-)

  4. 1. Submit the 99 words.

    2. Blog. Then, if you like the direction it's going, you can pull everything together into a book. But it's way less pressuring that way, Go for it!

  5. So the general gist ladies....Get off my arse and go for the blog....Eeekk


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