Monday, 19 November 2012

NaBloPoMo - Day 19 In the Big Brother House

Apologies, between strong pain killers and being confined to barracks I think I may be going a little crazy. I am trying to think positively and go with theory that if being couped up inside is starting to driving me insane I must be on the road to recovery because to be quite frank last week I didn't care as long as I had a duvet!!

Anyway, my point....yes I had one of those.....I'm sure I did......where did I put it.....oh yes, my point being that I haven't had many moments this weekend and I definitely haven't had any today so Monday Moments is being hijacked by my wandering brain. Come along now, try to keep up (why do I always imagine that phrase in a very over done English accent, in fact I think I always say it that way, which through a Lancashire accent can be quite funny). Now that all got me thinking of James Bond:

Ok so that was just an excuse to include a lovely picture, got to keep myself entertained somehow!
So, back to my mind meanderings, for some reason my mind today started thinking about ambitions and bucket lists. When I was younger I used to have ambitions along the lines of 'I want to get married and have kids' yes seriously I was that boring. As I got older the thought of a career crept into the mix, but never loosing the marriage, I wanted to catch criminals with just the power of my mind (Forensic Psychologist but I made it sound much sexier, right?!?!). As that ambition seemed impossible and the first one came true I started to develop more of a bucket list, which kind of went something like this:
* See my girls grown up and happy
* Travel the world with the Other Half (or at least the parts we are interested in)
* See Shakespeare performed at the Globe, preferably Romeo and Juliet
A little puny as life lists go. Things come onto this list and leave it on a regular basis, either because they are no longer important or because they have been fulfilled (less so with the latter).
My fickle mind jumped rather quickly onto thinking about Romeo and Juliet (I told you to keep up!) and why this of all Shakespeare plays captures my heart. Am I just really shallow and predictable? Is it because it was the first play of his I ever read? Or is it more likely to be because when I did first read it the Other Half and I were just 'courting' and there was an aspect of the forbidden about us. That period of time when you don't want anyone to know that there is something going on. That period of time that is fun and your heart feels like it is about to burst. Has Romeo and Juliet been ingrained in my heart because my heart was so open the first time I read it? I don't mind, it is a beautiful play and, tragedy aside, everyone deserves to feel that level of what Romeo and Juliet had.
On that note I will leave you all with this lovely song and ask you what is on your bucket list (other than health and happiness for our babies because that's on everyones, right?!)?

Happy Monday everyone.


  1. Oh my ... the one in that photo .. where does one acquire one of those?

    Hehe .. your ambitions when you were younger sounds very much identical to mine ... As for bucket lists ... I have a list in an envelope around here somewhere where I've written things I want to do .. from getting my license to volunteering at an animal shelter to riding a gondola .. there are about 80+ items on there .. I better get started huh?

    Romeo and Juiet at the Globe sounds absolutely divine! I've yet to watch/read that play .. but it's also on my list! :) Please tell us all about it when you do go!

    1. Get working on that list!!

      As for Mr Craig, if I knew the answer to that I would keep the answer hidden, sorry an all ;-)

  2. I, for one, love the way your mind meanders. So many delightful things to think about. The bucket list includes: having a house chuck-full of plants, someday; likewise having a house chuck-full of rugs, someday; road-tripping across country(s), both latitudinal and longitudinal, and stopping at whatever little cafes we want to because we're not pressed for time. Someday.

    Also, now, visiting Sleepy Joe across the pond. Someday.

    I love Romeo and Juliet. It was also my first, and I remember in a class reading being surprise-assigned to read the part of Juliet and I died of embarrassment because I secretly had a crush on the guy who was reading the Romeo part. Heh. Sneaky teacher.

    1. :-O what an evil teacher, did you get to kiss though?!?!?!

      I also have to add that visiting you over the pond is my most recent mental addition to the list, I just haven't written it down yet...*grabs pen to rectify that error now*

  3. I hope you get to feeling better soon! I love bucket lists - thanks for sharing yours! :-)

    1. I am getting there, just slower than I want to be. I just need to remain still ;-)

  4. Whatever the fact that you love Romeo & Juliet best says about you, I'm sure it's nowhere near as frightening as what the fact that Othello is my favorite says about me. ;)

    1. I think we had better stop analysing now ;-)


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