Saturday, 3 November 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

In my rush to gush over last nights adventures I have completely forgotten to wish my self a Happy Birthday!! So here is an extra dose of me to celebrate :-)

One year ago today I took the biggest personal leap ever that started an amazing year of discovery, you can relive that post here. I have met some fabulous people, made some great friends, discovered some ace films and better bands but above all else I have put myself out there and people haven't run screaming for the trees! Not only that, I am slowly starting to consider myself a writer instead of random rambler.

At the time of writing I have posted 122 times, gained 18 followers on google blogger and clocked up an amazing 2572 page views. For this I cannot thank my readers enough, I only keep posting because you keep reading!

I guess now would be an ideal moment to attend to the award that Loki at The Modfather nominated me for. She is a very talented and funny writer who is just starting out on her blogging journey, take a look!!

The Rules (always with the rules, Bah)

1. The Nominee of the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award will display the logo on his/her post/page and/or sidebar. Check

2. Over a period of 7 days (1 week), the Nominee shall nominate a number of readers that he or she appreciates – this can be done at any rate during the week. It can be all on one day or a few on one day and a few on another day, as most convenient to the Nominee. Not sure how I will do this yet so stay tuned ;-)

3. The Nominee shall name his or her Wonderful Team Member Readership Award nominees on a post or on posts during the 7 day (1 week) period. As above stay tuned!

Here are the people I nominate for this award:

Deb at Kicking Corners

Tangled Lou at Periphery

a.eye at Shouldn't Life Be More Than This?

Michelle at Buttered Toast Rocks

Tara at Faith in Ambiguity

Masked Mum

Lo at Lo Johnston Writing

Apparently all nominees have to answer the following questions, so here are my answers:

1) Why do you blog?

I started blogging to put my writing out there and see what people thought. Now it is more about self discovery and addiction!!

2) If you were trapped on a desert island, what book, DVD, food, cartoon character, and childhood game would you bring?

Arrggghhhh too hard!! Ok book; Paulo Cohelo Brida (just addicted to it). DVD; Dirty Dancing is my all time favourite film (I once watched it every day, sometimes twice, during my six week summer holiday). Food; Chocolate, don't think I could live without it. Cartoon character; I am so torn but I think Road Runner is one that I have always loved, although Mickey Mouse and his Mouska Tools would come in handy! Childhood game; would love to say Cluedo (because apparently I am really good at it, although am usually the murderer) but who would I play with?? So I think it would have to be Hungry Hippos too Loki, did you ever play it solo and see which hand would win...right v left.

3) Share a funny joke or one-liner (:-O it appears I missed this question when I posted initially)

What is big and green and sits in a corner all day long?
........The Incredible Sulk

4) What is your favourite thing about yourself?

My ability to Love easily and go back and Love those that have hurt me.

5) What one word best describes you?

Young (at heart)

6) If you could have a lifetime supply of any candy/candy bar, what would it be?

Pint pot jelly sweets.....mmmmmm

7) What fictional character do you relate to most?

Brida, for reasons best not explored!!

8) If you were to write the story of your life, what would you call it?

'She came, she danced, she slept' because “Give me music, I will dance!” is taken!

I think I will do a Loki and shout out to each of you for the next seven days and then it is over to you:-)

Tata for now, and thank you!!


  1. Happy, happy birthday! And congrats on the award! :-) I'm glad Loki-Lou sent me over here!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! I remember we started our blogging adventures at about the same time. I can't believe that was a year ago. Thank you for the nomination! I'll post my answers soon :)

    1. I can't believe this time last year I was unsure if this blogging malarkey was such a good idea! Who knew it would change my life like it has :-D

      Can't wait to see your answers!

  3. Happy birthday! YAY for cake!

    And I think "I'm going to do a Loki" should be in the dictionary along with definition of:

    1. falling off a table absolutely plastered.
    2. something bloggy related that she's done but doesn't always remember.
    3. that awkward moment when you fart and have to explain to people in the lift that you're not sure if you sharted.

    They can even have a picture of me gurning as an example!

    1. It seems I 'do a Loki' quite often without realising it ;-)

      I did have a random idea recently to do a pictorial dictionary of people I know as definitions for the word that they epitomise. My mind wanders in weird directions!

  4. Happy birthday! And for this awesome day, I wish you a lifetime supply of pint pot jelly sweets because, though I've never hand them, with a name like that you can't go wrong, eh? Trying them is now on my life-to-do list.

    1. Thanks hun and that is one might fine wish ;-) I have now added a picture of said sweeties for you to droole over ;-)

  5. Happy belated birthday and thank you so much for yet another award. You are far too patient and kind.

    1. And thank you for you lovely words, the best birthday present I could have wished for!

  6. Happy belated bloggy birthday. Loved your answers--especially your number 4. And thank you for thinking of me again. The questions are on my to-do list for tomorrow.

    1. Hmm yeah, my answer to number 4 is also one of the things I wish I could change. It gets old fast constantly setting yourself up for a fall!!

      Can't wait for your answers!!


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