Monday, 26 November 2012

Day 26 NaBloPoMo - Monday Moments

I was really close to skipping today's post. Today has not been a good day! I had a small happy moment this morning.

Drinking this:

Only I had no marshmallows in the house :-(
Whilst watching this:
Feeling all Christmassy :-)
Until I realised I usually watch it with the munchkins and obviously they were at school, so it just wasn't the same :-(
Then Loki sent me this on Twitter:
Which made me smile a little.
I'll be back tomorrow.


  1. Loki'd! :D

    (Glad it made you smile a little!...hope tomorrow is a better day m'dear)

  2. I'm .. I'm trying to understand that video .. I think I'll give up now ... I too hope tomorrow is a better day, Sleepy Joe. Now I'm going to have to make myself a cup of hot cocoa ...

    1. Hot chocolate whilst watching The Polar Express, it's almost a law, in fact it should be!!

  3. Hoping tomorrow is a better day, filled with marshmallows!

    1. The other half went in search of marshmallows, no mini ones so he just got big ones instead :-D


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