Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Day 20 NaBloPoMo - Tuesday Tickles

Tuesday Tickles comes to you direct from Twitter. Apologies but this conversation made me giggle and not a painkiller in sight today so I can't blame them!!

Me: Lol, they can see down the phone now did no one tell you ;-)

Loki: Then I hope they like interviewing my butt!

Me: Well if you can fart the answers I'm sure they will be impressed ;-)

Loki: I am very well educated in fartugese! Though not as fluent as Burpish.

I know, I know I am very juvenile for finding this funny but on this wet Tuesday I had little else to find entertaining so I thank Loki-Lou from The Modfather for making me laugh. I just hope she doesn't mind me posting this ;-)

Happy Tuesday Peeps :-)


  1. Bleeeeuuuuurrrrrp, burp burp-de-blurp (Burpish to English translation - nope, I don't mind at all).


    Glad it made you smile.

    1. New to this but Buuuuurpppeeee bureppom (so glad)

      That comment alone made me laugh so much it hurt!! Thank you!!

      I need to get out more!

  2. Being not-so-grownup myself, I totally get the humor in this. ;)

    1. :-D My aim in life is to grow up to be Peter Pan!!


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