Monday, 5 November 2012

Day 5 NaBloPoMo - Monday Moments

Seeing as I have signed up to this NaBloPoMo and committed to blogging on a daily basis I am going to steal a couple of ideas from more experienced and infinitely more talented bloggers than me, they know what they are doing ;-)

For the duration of November, and maybe going forward, Monday's will see me sharing moment(s) for which I am thankful during the day. Aka doing a Tangled Lou ;-)

This Morning

An e-mail from a friend
Just the trick to keep me
Smiling through the pain.

This Evening

An e-mail from a different friend
Just the trick to make
The day that has past worth the effort.

All that and just in the nick of time :-)

In the second of my shout outs to those nominated for the Wonderful Team Readership Award goes out to Tangled Lou at Periphery. As I hinted at above Lou has been blogging for what seems like an eternity compared to me. Shes a talented writer and all over superhuman, who is really a dirty old man ;-) Please nip over and visit, you will not me disappointed!!


  1. When we get actual e-mails from friends that took time to think and write to us, it just makes the day doesn't it? And you got two today! :D

    TangledLou is an inspiration to all of us in this blogging corner, I do believe. :)

    1. So true on both counts Larissa as always. PS hope you are feeling better, I will pop over to check soon I promise ;-)

  2. 30 Days of Thankfulness! And beyond! :-)

    1. We will see how this month goes but I think posting everyday will help my writing. It is at the very least providing fruitful in the ideas department!! Maybe beyond ;-)

  3. Lou's one of my favorites--I met her last year around this time and have been a fan ever since.

    It's amazing how much of a difference a simple e-mail can make in your mood, isn't it?

    1. The right kind of e-mail from the right people, certainly brightens my mood all day. As do comments on my blog ;-)


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