Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Motiation: Day 22 It takes two to tango

'It takes two to tango'....where did this saying come from?? For the history lesson go here.

For me the tango has always been my favourite dance, the tension between the dancers, the passion, the romance, the constant 'you chase, I chase' that all combines to make it utterly mesmerising to watch and fantastic to dance (if you can find the right partner!).

Sorry I couldn't decide between these two performances. One is strictly and Argentine tango the other a tango waltz. Either way I only wish I was that good!!

The tango, and this saying, kind of epitomise every successful relationship. Mother - daughter, husband - wife, lovers, friends; to really succeed, to really work for all involved and be enjoyable, fulfilling and memorable there must be give and take, push and pull, simply being there for each other.

There must be a willingness to chase the other, on both sides, just because the other person is worth your time and effort. Granted with family you are more inclined to try harder for longer, but in all other cases if one side starts to let things slip, if they become lazy and expect the other person to do all the work then that is when relationships break down. Friends loose touch, lovers go their separate ways, marriages break down, family members don't speak from one Christmas to the next.

The more mesmerising the dance the longer one person will try to lead even if the other person forgets their steps (trust me been there!) but eventually the dance will stop because it can no longer continue if one forgets to move toward the other.

My heart always breaks a little when the dance is over, as it does in life when you realise the dance of friendship has run its course, only you have been trying to lead the other when they no longer care to dance.

Keep dancing, keep moving towards the people that count because one day they may have given up and may not be there to catch you for the all important lift!

Apologies for the not so motivational post today, sometimes the little faerie in my mind writes what she wants to.

Only three days left to Deb's deadline, bob on over to see how she is doing. Let her know we are all cheering her to the finish line.


  1. I love this. This is my favorite part: "There must be a willingness to chase the other, on both sides, just because the other person is worth your time and effort." The chasing. We are told it's undignified, it's not self-actualized. It's so very, very important. Chase away!

    1. I am not above chasing those I love down but sometimes you have to take the hint and let them run away!

      So glad you keep dancing back though :-)

  2. On the contrary, I feel like this is very motivational. You inspire me to cherish, and to watch beautiful things with wonder, and to enjoy the dance even though I very much have two left feet. Write, little faerie, write. We love you. We cheer for you too!

    1. :-) Left footed dancing can be fun you just have to find the right music (oh and don't get too close!) Thank you for dancing with me ;-)


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