Thursday, 16 August 2012

Motivation: Day 16 Happy Anniversary

My Other Half

They said we were young, we wouldn't last
But that is all in the distant past
Memories of the drives we used to take
Or sitting talking until really late
Still strong in my mind as if only yesterday
Brought fresh by hearing the music we used to play

One summer while football did play
"So go on the will you?" was all you had to say
To make me the happiest girl in town
Now I could officially plan my gown
Five more years I had to wait
To carve in my memory a most special date

Promises we made that wonderful day
The sunshine and the golden hay
I still remember the smiles and tears
A life with you to span the years
Our share of highs, just a few lows
Life isn't all frills and bows

Two became four, we were complete
Smiles and joy, even with no sleep
I wouldn't change a single part of us
Even if we now drive a bus
Father, lover, washer-uper, but above all else
My all, my everything, my one best friend.

Happy Anniversary, thanks for the last nine years of marriage and the other seven before we made it official. All my Love, Always. Sleepy Joe xxx


  1. Oh, happy anniversary! How sweet and perfect. The music, the poem, the story...all so perfect. I wish for you a lovely one.

    1. Thanks hun. We had a loevly evening curled up watching a film...perfect (even with my sprained ankle!)


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