Thursday, 16 August 2012

Motivation: Day 15 The Proposal

I apologise in advance for the overly gushy nature of this post, but sometimes it just has to be done!

I have spoken in the past about my other half and he really is that, I wouldn't be complete with out him (sorry Jerry Maguire flash there, who doesn't love a bit of Tom Cruise). However I haven't really managed it past how we met, so here goes...

We made it official in the spring, our first 'date' was to watch Golden Eye at the cinema; where apparently I was so intimidating that he spent half the film throwing up. Over the next two years we walked, we talked, we drove places, watched great films (watched some really bad films too), ate good food (ate some really bad food too)...we got addicted to each other.

Two years later and England were playing ??? in some football tournament or other (sorry the details of the exact tournament and match details escape me but the other half could tell you everything down to who scored and probably the time of each goal) he booked time off work to 'watch the match' and I had no lectures that day. We met outside McDonalds in the nearest big town (it was 'the' place to meet when we were young). As we walked along there was much fidgeting and general lack of concentration in the conversation on the part of the other half. We got to Woolies (the next big shop on the row) and I was confronted with the following question:

"So, go on then, will you?"
My response, "Will I what?"
"Marry me?"
"Go on then"
"Lets go find a ring"

And so the rest of our lives began. Granted it was not the most romantic proposal ever, in fact it probably goes down as one of the worst in history, but it is my proposal. We laugh about it when ever we talk about it and I always make out like I would have wanted a soppy and overly romantic gesture; you know the one, beach at sunset on bended knee. In reality those simple few words made me the happiest girl alive, it was perfect us, and I would change that moment for all the beaches in the world.

Skip onwards five years and in the heat of summer we were married. It was a perfect ceremony in the church where my parents were married, the ceremony conducted by a childhood friends father. There were many tears (of joy might I add), an incident with a wasp (made for a little laughter too) and a little dancing on the way out of church. Even though the day did not run perfectly as planned it was a fabulous day shared with friends, family and memories to cherish.

The song we walked out of church to :-)

So what is the best proposal story you have ever heard? Is it yours? Do you wish yours was different? Or was it perfectly yours?

My inspiration today....My other half!


  1. What a cool picture! Oh, I love it. And I love that you filled us in on a little more of your story. I can totally picture it. I think it's interesting that our realities are usually very different than what we expect to have happen...your detail about the wasp was classic...but often it's those details that make our stories so unique and awesome.

    1. Those details make those moments ours and those moments that are ours are awesome for that reason ;-)

      Thanks xx


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