Thursday, 9 August 2012

Motivation: Day 9 Smile (even if you have to fake it)

Sometimes in life the smiles, the motivation, the words don't come easily or readily. At times like these I fake it just to make sure my face doesn't forget what it feels like, I plod on even though it feels like I am wading through mud and  keep typing even if it is gibberish that ends up on the page (apologies if you can't understand any of this today!)

I mentioned a happy post yesterday that I wasn't in the mood to post, I am not really in a much better mood today but this might just help me fake it ;-)

My inspiration for this post is Larissa over at Papa is a Preacher. She wrote a lovely post about the beauty of being yourself.

I came to a realisation of my own over the last few months that I was drifting perilously close to becoming a mirror. Just reflecting what other people wanted to see, being what others expected me to be. All to try and be popular? be liked? I don't know.

The thing is my quirky nature kept on trying to break through, it was becoming harder than keeping an excited child contained trying to keep it locked up!

My saving grace and my wake up call was my new job. Individuality is positively encouraged and I have begun to discover what I used to love about me!

I am a hippy with a twist

I love daisy chains

Oh and daisy rings.

But they don't last long so I have a back up ;-)

I love quirky little every day things that make me smile when I use them (do you like the new box the other half got for us - there is six, all with different pictures and they fit inside each other...he knows me so well!)

May favourite welcome, my love of water and the woodlands all in one place!

My babies a such a huge part of me and if all else fails they always find a way to raise a genuine smile every now and then!

As well as my eclectic tastes in music, art work and reading materials I guess I am a quirky and eclectic person who has never really grown up at heart...and I never intend to!

Enjoy our favourite family dance tune of the moment ;-)

Here's hoping that your motivation and projects are still going well! Until tomorrow...


  1. I so much loved this post -- loved your realization, your link over at Papa is a Preacher(great piece of insight), your pictures. Loved the comments that went a long with the pictures. Love that you're a hippy, that you do things with a twist, though, that you have cool docs and a back-up daisy chain. I love that your other half knows you well enough to give gifts that make you smile and want to share the joy. I love that you appreciate the beautiful landscapes around you, and you go into them rather than just looking at them from afar. I love that your kids know how to make you smile. The message in between the lines there is that you have raised them in a way that they can feel loved and protected no matter who they are and choose to be. You have taught them well, eh? You go, mama.

    Thank you for this post, and for being you.

    1. Thank you for all your Love! I almost end up apologising sometimes for who I am...'just re-living my youth' I am learning to get over that.

      This is me, love me or leave me. If that is the only thing I teach my kids I will me a happy mama!

      Do you know? I don't think I could be so brave except for the personal discovery and amazing support I have had whilst writing this blog! (hmmm maybe there is a post in there somewhere?)

  2. "At times like these I fake it just to make sure my face doesn't forget what it feels like" - Love that. (:

    And thank you for making me feel on top of the world for inspiring you. (:


    1. *hugs* back at ya. Here's to being us!

  3. Replies
    1. Now I have these I am itching to get some hot pink patent leather ones ;-)


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