Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Motivation: Day 20 Baby Steps

There are things in this life that scare me senseless, many things in fact.

Roughly around 8 years ago I came to the realisation that I could not show these fears to my children, to do so would surely inflict the debilitating reactions I had onto them. I had no choice but to face my fears and under no circumstances show my fears in front of my girls.

Most things, like my fear of creepy crawlies and flying insects, have been relatively easy to face. A few deep breaths, grit my teeth and ignore them (most of the time). My fear of heights, focus on something else.

A daddy long leg aka harvestman spider on a leaf
Sorry to fellow aracnophobes

However, my fear of putting myself out there, letting people see the me inside, this is proving a little harder to get over. I have a deep seated doubt in myself and the things I create, I never think they are good enough, I never think I am good enough.

I started this blog almost as a whimps way to face my fear, I mean seriously no one would be interested enough to read my blog would they. But at least I could post what I have written and hide behind my laptop screen, the thought of someone reading what I had written and finding it wanton makes me feel ill.

This last week, however I entered a competition. Only a small competition, to win a children's book a week for a year. All I had to do was write 100 words starting, 'I encourage my child to read because...' I started writing and ended up with a poem, which I dutifully entered onto the competition page before I changed my mind. Fingers crossed and we will see what happens!

Before I let you in on what I wrote, answer the question for me, why do you love to read and why do you / would you encourage your children to read. Oh and you don't have to write 100 words if you don't want to, a few words will do just fine, sometimes less is more!

I hope your projects are coming along nicely, keep writing, keep living!


  1. I'm crossing my fingers for you, Sleepy Joe. (: And my toes. And my eyes.

    I've encouraged Victor, my little reading buddies, and would most certainly encourage my children to read because I think every person in the world should have different worlds, peoples, characters, friends and cultures available to them. Everyone should be free to educate themselves, to travel through the printed page... . to have that option. I think that's one of the greatest gifts you could give a child. .. no?

    1. Thank you, for crossing your eyes too. I hope you haven't bumperd into too many things whilst moving around today ;-)

      I agree, it is one of the greatest gifts we can give the thinkers of tomorrow.

  2. What a good point -- to keep from our children our fears so they don't become burdened with them as well -- and I definitely know what it is to feel all sorts of self-doubt. Best way to teach our kids is through our actions, so good for you for winning over this fear by submitting your poem. Even if you don't get the books, I think you've truly won something bigger.

    I encourage my kids to read because it's at least a small amount of time I can trick them into sitting still with me, snuggling, while we talk about the fantastic things happening in the story. A lot of times the things we come up with are better than the printed story-line, so that's always a plus too. So I guess another reason I encourage them to love books is so they can remind me of how fun imagination and play can really be.

    What a great thinking post.

    1. It is a fantastic way to trick kids in to extra snuggles!

      I don't know if I have conquered the fear or self doubt but baby steps heh?


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