Friday, 3 August 2012

Motivation: Day 3 I built a tree!

After waking up to some of your lovely comments this morning I left for work in a really good mood and motivated to tackle the day ahead.

I managed to avoid the cakes at work (why is it always someones birthday?), I opted for the ham salad from the shop for dinner and ignored the cookies and cream brownie winking at me from the cabinet. Score one for the eat healthy motivation and all thanks to your support, so THANK YOU!

On top of this I have ideas for at least one other post on motivation, which is unheard of for me I am more a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl when it comes to blog posts. Unless of course I get home work, and no that wasn't a hint Miss Stevens!!! With blogging every day apparently comes forward planning, yay!

I thought I would leave you with some little bits of inspiration, I hope your projects are keeping their momentum!

The over the hill way to work.

The road from the other side of the hill, what I see on the way home.

We have birds in our library :-)

I built a tree in ten minutes today :-)
(ok so the tree was already made I just had to put it together and put 32 screws in)
It will look amazing tomorrow with James' Giant Peaches on!

Happy thoughts, sweet dreams and bring on day 4!


  1. It IS always someone's birthday, isn't it. Bah. Well, not when I'm NOT trying to watch my weight. Then there seems to be a shortage on cakes, eh? Good for you for keeping up with keeping up.

    Your pictures are so beautiful. Thanks for taking time to get out and click them, and then sharing them. Your drive home looks awesome. And that tree only took you 10 minutes? What?

    1. Ha, maybe I should send you my cakes and you can enjoy them whilst enjoying my trips out vicariously ;-) I will then proceed to enjoy your sugar rush vicariously lol xx

      Sometimes you have to take a moment to appreciate what is there on a daily basis. It is easy to get complacent!

      PS the tree now looks amazing filled with giant peaches!

  2. Well done for day 3 I'm looking forward to your day 4 and what you have been doing. Thanks for the lovely messages and yeah lets do this ting together x x x x


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