Monday, 13 August 2012

Motivation: Day 13 Inspiration from an unexpected place

Sometimes inspiration strikes at an unexpected time, in an unexpected place, from something completely unexpected.

Today I thought I would share a poem I wrote recently that was inspired by a song lyric and a new necklace I bought with a key pendant. Random I know!

The Key

You have the key to my mind
Unlocking the wonderland inside
The beauty of the things I write
Is because you pushed me down the slide

You have the key to my heart
Unlock this door with care
For once you've visited this place
It hurts when you're not there

You have the key to my soul
To unlock it when you please
Delving deeper each time
Leaving devastation when you leave

I know I am slightly obsessed but you can't help where inspiration comes from!


  1. Yay for your poetry -- I love how you take us deeper with every paragraph with mind, then heart, then soul. Very nice.

    Yay for accepting and working with inspiration no matter where it comes from.

    1. You like?

      I'll take inspiration where ever, when ever ;-)


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