Sunday, 12 August 2012

Motivation: Day 12 On Top of the World

There is nothing quite like the feeling of standing on top of the world with the wind whistling past your ears, life's troubles far below you.

I had forgotten how good that feeling can be, until today.

The area I live is dominated by a magnificent hill (well nearly mountain except for a few measly meters). It stands watch over us, guards us, it even forecasts the weather for you!

"If you can see Pendle it's going to rain (take your brolly), if you can't it's already raining!"

I am luck to live on one side of this beautiful hill and work on the other. I am also ashamed to say that I have not walked up to the top in years, something I intend to rectify soon!

Anyway, I digress, today I took my girls walking on an easy walk up the 'Nic o Pendle'. We by no means got to the summit of Pendle, however my inspiration today came from those two little ladies. Their dogged determination to reach the crest of a little mound (not even really a little hill) we had chosen to scale was amazing. Just for the reward of getting to the top, nothing more!

We all have our goals in life, some huge and mountain like, others more like little mounds to overcome.  Our mantra today on our twenty minute 'hike' (Harriett's word not mine) was:

"One step at a time, we'll be at the top in no time!"

Keep taking those steps, keep aiming for the top and we will get there in no time ;-)


  1. Oh, my. They are so, so cute, aren't they? I can only imagine how fun it was to have them with you, and what a great mantra. Good for them! Good for you!

  2. You know what there must have been something in the water that day. We drove over the nick to go to the carboot and I said on the way "gosh it's been years since I went up Pendle, I wish I wasn't so unfit I'd love to go up - we must do it soon". Great minds think alike.

    1. I am building up to the 3 peaks in Pendle (Pendle, Boulsworth and Wheets)You should join us / me!!


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