Saturday, 25 August 2012

Motivation: Day 25 I made it

25 days ago I promised to blog every day in the run up to Debs deadline from Kicking Corners (I would insert a link here but I am posting from my mobile because I didn't want to miss the last day!) And I have made it, ok so I may be missed one day but it was my anniversary and sorry I had better things to do!

So here I am sat in a library all alone for two whole hours and I am blogging from my phone, and someone once said I have commitment issues!

Why might you ask am I all alone in this big building full of wonderful treasures....ah for that you will have to wait till tomorrow. In the meantime all I will say is there is fairy dust involved and I will be back tomorrow with pictures!


  1. What great tension! I'm hooked. See you tomorrow, for sure.

    1. Ha, you have just had a quick preview on Facebook but I will tell you all about it. Promise ;-)

  2. Hey! I want to know what involves fairy dust and libraries! oohhh !!!


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