Saturday, 18 August 2012

Motivation: Day 17 Believe!

"Believe in love. Believe in magic. Hell, believe in Santa Clause. Believe in others. Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams. If you don't, who will?"
Jon Bon Jovi

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To all those talented people out there who don't already know how fabulous you are, believe! The words you write are inspirational. The art you make is truly amazing. The little crafty wonders are just that.

I love and thank you all for being my inspiration!


  1. That's pretty profound for a rocker. Thanks for the self-esteem boost, I needed it.

    1. I thought that too! Any time hun you have done it for me often enough.

  2. I'm behind on my reading, but couldn't stay away a moment longer. I'm glad I came, despite my list of things to do that doesn't seem to get done regardless of how hard I try to check everything off. So. I figured if I'm not checking it off anyway, why not take a break to come catch up on my favorite blogger?

    Again, I'm very glad I did. Love this quote. Love, love this pic. Thank you.

    1. I'm your favourite (blushes much and tear to my eye).

      I really needed that comment today and so very glad you were behind to provide it just when needed, thank you!


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