Thursday, 23 August 2012

Motivation: Day 23 Keep going

Man down.

All of two days from the goal and I have fallen at the last hurdle.

My hand hurts from the increased typing, my muse has packed up and left with out so much as a by your leave and I am just shattered. I don't have anything to give tonight but I couldn't not post, I couldn't abandon Deb so close to the finish line.

I may be lying on the ground watching as you tear away towards the finish line but I m still cheering you on.


  1. I hate hurdles.

    I love that you shared this post.

    And I love that you are being such an amazing support even though you are hurting and shattered. That you gave even when you had nothing left to give.

    Hermit that I am, when I feel like that I tend to disappear into myself for undetermined amounts of time and generally stop talking to anyone until I feel like I've sufficiently licked my wounds.

    You are an inspiration to me in so many ways. You help me be less hermit-y and more brave. You show me how to see the world differently. You make words twist and whirl in a delightful show of sound and color. Muse or no, you create emotion that translates through space and time, from your computer screen to mine and to many others who come to visit your thoughts.

    The thing is, if this were truly a race and you fell? I would not tear away towards the finish line. I would turn back and lay on the ground with you and cry until you, we, were ready to get up and finish together.

    I, too, am still cheering you on. Keep going.

    1. Thank you Deb, although I am convinced you have a better way of spinning a rainbow with your words than I.

      But right now your race is nearly over so stop lying down next to me and get running. Promise me you will if I promise to limp on behind and catch you up at the finsih line, you can meet me with a shiny spaceman blanket!!


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